Cleaning Checklist


-Clean and shine Outside of all Appliances (Inside of Microwave)
-Clean counters, sink, light switch and outlet plates.
-Wipe down  baseboards and trim 
-Remove any cobwebs
-Vacuum and mop floors.


-Pick up all items and dust/shine them per request
-Dust all furniture with appropriate polish. 
-Remove cobwebs, Wipe down  baseboards and trim 
-Vacuum and mop all floors. 
-We use Bona on Hardwood and Laminate


-Clean sinks, counter tops.  toilets, shower, glass doors, tubs, light fixtures, light switch and outlet plates.
-Remove  cobwebs
-Pick up items to dust them individually per request.
-Empty and wipe exterior of trash can,  clean all toilet bowl brush holders, dust toilet paper holders and towel racks.
-Wipe down  baseboards and trim 
-Vacuum and mop floors.

General Rooms

-Dust all items, knick knacks, lamps, decor, picture frames, base and frame of tv
-Polish all furniture. (or dry dust if preferred)
-Wipe down  baseboards and trim 
-Vacuum couches 

Deep Clean

-Oven cleaning
-Complete fridge clean-out
-Wash windows and window sills
-Dust blinds and shutters
 -Cleaning interior of cabinet
-Many more extras available

Move In -Move Out

-Vacuum Wash all floors
-Remove cobwebs
-Clean baseboards
-Clean window frames
-Clean all bathrooms
-Clean kitchen
-Clean light fixtures
-Clean ceiling fans
-Clean all glass surfaces
-Clean inside closets
-Clean inside oven
-Clean inside refrigerator/freezer*
-Clean inside/out kitchen and bathroom cabinets/drawers
-Clean all kitchen counters and outside appliances

What We Can’t Clean

– Exterior windows
 -Carpet cleaning -Animal waste -Mold removal -Rust removal / Rust cleaning-Lifting of heavy items